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Jared Babik

Dramm Staff
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  Doing yearly maintenance on your Autofog will ensure that it operates smoothly for many years

1.  Clean the foam filter on the compressor.  It is located underneath the front of the machine.  This    should be inspected monthly and cleaned.  If it is missing, replace it and purchase a filter body cap to hold it in place

2. Once a year replace the O-Rings in the nozzle head unit.

3. Calibrate your Autofog once a season so that it runs at the correct output rate.  All AutoFogs come pre-calibrated from Dramm.  There are two red marks that are aligned on the nozzle head unit.  Overtime the output rate may change due to wear on the inside of the nozzle.  Use a measuring device that shows ml.  The output rate of the SLVH should be 45 ml/minute.  The LVH has a output of 55ml/minute. Take the suction hose and put it in the measuring device.  Put enough solution in for 2 minutes of run time depending on the machine you have.  Turn the nozzle cap after each test until you achieve the proper output rate

3.  Check for kinks or leaks in the compressor hose that may change the pressure going to the nozzle.  This normally happens at the connection point of the compressor and hose.

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What would happen if the rate was higher than the spec 55ml/min?
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