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Dramm Thermostats are very accurate and react quickly to temperature changes.

Placement of the thermostat is important. Ensure that your thermostats are not placed in a location where the device they are controlling will alter the temperature at the thermostat faster than the surrounding area.

For example, do not place your thermostat directly in front of an inlet or heater as the temperature will rise quickly, causing the thermostat to turn off the device prematurely.

Placing the thermostat closer to the plants is preferable as it will most closely reflect the temperature of the plants.

Always place the wiring nut on the underside of the thermostat. This will prevent any moisture from collecting on the wire and dripping down, into the box. While this nut can be sealed, it may not seal well, especially with smaller gauge wire.

Do not hang the thermostat from the wire alone. 

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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