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The AME Horizontal Air Flow Fan uses a different style motor than many HAF fans. All AME fans are 220v as are the speed controllers.

AME fans are meant to be speed regulated. In most cases, AME fans will run between 40-60% of capacity. Firstly, this provides more stable air flows with less turbulence and less uneven crop drying. Secondly, this allows for higher air speeds to be used when desired, such as when dew point is approaching.

AME fans may be wired using two wires and a ground or may be more efficiently wired using three wires and a ground. in this scenario, the third wire is the speed control leg. If choosing the latter, the jumper connecting two of these connections must be removed in each fan. If even one jumper is left in place, there will be no speed regulation.

Whether wiring with two or three wires, consistency of wires must be maintained. If the wires are crossed anywhere in the circuit, there will be no speed control.

If you have wired your fans and find that you have no speed control, check the wiring consistency before anything else. In 95% of calls where this is the case, wiring consistency is the culprit.

Before wiring your AME fans, please read the Installation Manual that should have come with the fans.  This is also available on the AME webpage or here.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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