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David C. Streicher

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I have a nearly new Dramm revolver spray nozzle that won't shut off and leaks while it is spraying.  Why is Dramm unwilling to replace its defective products?  Other vendors will do this.

David Streicher, Portland, Oregon [image] 

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Good morning David, Thank you for contacting the Dramm customer service department. First, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconveniences this malfunctioning Nozzle may have caused you. Dramm offers a lifetime warranty on our retail products against material defects and workmanship with average usage in a non commercial setting. Can you please submit a picture of your non functioning nozzle to, if you did submit a picture on this forum I am unable to view it. We have a newly designed option available and would be glad to send you a Revolution. Thank you for being a valued Dramm customer, wishing you a wonderful day!

Colinda Behnke
Dramm Corporation
Patrick Newcombe

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I have a green one that is 2-3 years old and have the same problem.  It won't shut off.
Andrew Damm

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    Sorry for the late reply, thank you for contacting Dramm about your concern. Dramm does honour a Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on the tool that may have caused it to malfunction. Please email a photo of your revolver to showing the defect, Colinda will be happy to help you going forward.
Thank you for being a valued Dramm customer.

Kind Regards;
Andrew Damm
Dramm Corporation
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 I see competing “Fireman Nozzle’s” for half the price why should I buy yours

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