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Jared Babik

Dramm Staff
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We recently received a call from a grower about the pattern of his 1000PL Red 
Head collapsing every time he had multiple hoses running at the same time. The 
grower had a 3/4" line coming into his greenhouse

The 1000 series of waterbreakers are designed to work with a flow of around 11 
GPM.  We did a simple flow test by measuring how much water out of the hose would 
fill up a 5 gallon bucket in 30 seconds.  We determined that the grower had around 12 GPM.  The 1000PL pattern begins to collapse around 6-8 GPM.  So, every time he had multiple hoses running if began to collapse the pattern on the breaker.  

Solution!!   The 750PL Lemonhead.

The 750PL is designed to offer a flow that is just as soft as the 1000 breaker but under 
lower flows.  The Lemonhead has a flow rate of around 8 GPM making it a great choice
for growers with flow limitations as well as when you may want to throttle back how much water your giving your plants while holding that classic Dramm pattern.

Please click on the watering tools page of our site to view information and a video
of the 750PL Lemonhead.

Have a great Day!

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