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Kurt Becker

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Dramm does not recommend that Reverse Osmosis treated water be used straight in our spray equipment.

RO water strips all minerals and metals, creating extremely pure water. This might be good for some things but can result in corrosive water. 

Because of this extreme purity and low alkalinity, there is no buffering capacity and the water is, essentially, hungry - dissolving minerals and metals it contacts. Corrosion of various metals, normally considered safe for water distribution may occur.

This is especially important when applying potentially corrosive products for plant protection. Do not mix hydrogen peroxide based products with RO as this can effect metal components drastically, causing equipment damage and potential leaching of metals into the spray solution. For those growers being tested for heavy metals in their water, this is a potential major pitfall.

Dramm recommends not using RO water at all in the spray tank. If necessary, make sure it is blended back with fresh water. Using pH-Up or similar products may increase EC and pH, but not satisfy the demands of the RO water for metals

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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