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I recently purchased a Pulsfog Bio unit in order to conduct chemical application trials on leafy greens being grown outdoors.  We struggle with effective mildew and insect control due to the materials we use not being able to reach way down into the plant canopy as well as effectively cover all of the leaf surfaces.  I realize that the fine fog the unit produces can blow away very easily, which would cause drift of the conventional materials we use.  I am willing to use 100% organic pesticides and insecticides with the unit, knowing that if I can get superior coverage, these organic materials would produce better results that the conventional ones sprayed with our current methods.  I would be using the Pulsfog unit in the night time in a zero wind situation.  Is it possible to get good results fogging outdoors and is it possible to put together a fog mixture that is able to stick to the plant as soon as it comes in contact with it?  I am also looking to fabricate a hood system that would allow the fog to be forced down and completely through the canopy.  Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any suggestions as to how I may go about this.  Thx!!!
Kurt Becker

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Thanks for your question. Outdoor use of a thermal fogger depends on many things, mostly the crop you wish to protect. 

Commonly, thermal foggers are used in forests and for trees for control of caterpillars. Fogging is very effective for vector control in public health outdoors, for insects like mosquitoes.

Leafy greens will be difficult. Because the crop is so low to the ground, you may have a hard time covering the plant. Your suggestion to use at night with no wind may help, but also may hurt as the ground can become warmer than the surrounding air, causing heat to rise, preventing the fog from staying too close to the crop.

Try fogging on warmer evenings with no wind present. 

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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