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From what I am understanding - all of the ingredients of a product such as Zoecon’s Essentria IC3 is qualified as essential oils, and it is also labeled for thermal fog use. My question is: has it been tested on a crop such as tomatoes, and would it be cost-effective to perform for aphids, mites, and other pests?
Kurt Becker

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Hi Dustin,

We have no specific experience with Zoecon's Essentria IC3. Several essential oil products do have some effect on the pests you describe so it might be effective.

Many of these products have two modes of action: the first being suffocation. Because fogging uses so little volume, we don't really see much efficacy from this mode as we don't provide enough solution to smother the insect. The second mode of action is desiccation. The oils cause the cuticle to dry out. This mode is often effective. Finally, some essential oils do have other modes of action that would work with fogging.

Regarding the testing on various crops, please contact the chemical manufacturer for their experience with tomatoes or other edibles.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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