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Nematodes may be applied through Dramm spray equipment.  However, several precautions must be taken.

According to Becker Underwood, the producers of Nemasys:
  • Remove filters finer than 50 mesh.
  • Do not spray at pressures higher than 300 psi.
  • Do not apply in systems with nozzles smaller that 0.5mm.
View the product label here for more information.

To use in our BP-4, HYDRA and MS sprayers, remove the filter from the suction line.

CAUTION:  To prevent damage to the pump, filter your water into the tank to prevent grit, dirt and sand from entering the pump. FLUSH PUMP WELL FOR SEVERAL MINUTES with CLEAN WATER after use.

The finest tip for the Hydra is 1mm and is safe for nematode use.

The tip for the MSO is 1mm and is safe for nematode use.

The standard tip for the BP-4 is 1mm and is safe for nematode use.

Do not use in the Coldfogger, Autofog and PulsFOG.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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