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When using the HCM series Power Station controllers with your AME fan, there are three settings on the main switch: Off, Hand, and Auto.  Off is self explanatory, Hand is direct power, bypassing the control and Auto is through the controller.

When the fans are first installed, you may notice that the fans run faster in the Hand position than in the Auto position, even with the control knob turned all the way to the right.  In this case, the fans are getting full voltage on Hand but less than full on Auto.  This is easy to correct.

Inside of the controller box, there are two potentiometers, one for high speed and one for low speed.  With the power switch set to Auto and the knob turned to full speed, adjust the high speed potentiometer to increase or decrease the upper limit of the control.  Use a volt meter to determine the output voltage of the controller as you adjust the pot.

Repeat this for the low speed potentiometer with the knob turned to the lowest position without turning it off.

In some instances, you may wish to limit the range of control and may do so by adjusting these potentiometers appropriately.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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