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Daniel Long
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Our MSO builds pressure just fine. First blasts out of the nozzle (standard ms-tg adjustable) are great but pressure falls off and I have to stop to let it build back up again or I don't get as nice a pattern and canopy penetration. We had a 33 and a longer hose together and I thought it was pressure loss over distance so i removed the longer hose but it's not better. I'm wondering if this is an uptake issue or possibly a nozzle wear issue. The unit primes just fine. Any thoughts?
 Seems like a new nozzle would be an inexpensive way to check.
Kurt Becker

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Dramm Staff
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Happy Thanksgiving!

You nailed it: new nozzle. When the nozzle wears, more volume is released reducing the pressure. When you first pull the trigger, the pressure is fully built up behind the valve. As you spray more volume than the pump can produce, the pressure drops quickly, causing the symptoms you describe.

Contact our service department on Monday to get a new tip.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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