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Dramm has a chemical use worksheet that can help with the calculations for your Autofog, PulsFOG and Coldfogger.  

As always, follow the label first.  If the label has an area rate, go with that.

You may download the worksheet here.

You will find notes on how to use the worksheet below:

Read Me - Chemical Use Template
This worksheet is designed as an aide to calculating the amount of chemical needed for use in the  Dramm Autofog, Dramm Coldfogger and Dramm PulsFOG.
The sheet is fairly self explanatory.  Simply answer the questions in the Basic Information section.  
•First select the machine being used in the toggle menu.  
•Enter the size of the area to be treated.  
•Enter the 100 gallon label rate.  
NOTE:  The scale (oz., g., lbs, tsp., Tbsp. ...) for the rate does not matter.  The formula works with any scale.  The toggle menu has been added for your convenience only.  
•Next choose the Dramm rate (high=35%, low=20%) that you are using.  
NOTE:  When first using a low volume sprayer it is best to begin at the high rate until you are comfortable with the unit and its operation.
The spreadsheet will calculate the amount of chemical needed to treat the given area as well as the amount of water or carrier needed (depending on the machine selected).
If you like, space has been provided at the top of the spreadsheet for you to enter the chemical name.  You may save or print this sheet with the specific instructions for each chemical for future use.
Should you have any questions about the use of this spreadsheet or you Dramm chemical applicator, please contact Dramm using the information provided below.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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