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The MistTime line of controllers offers an option to use the last irrigation output (2 or 8 depending on model) as a pump pre-start output.  This function is enabled in the installers program on the MistTime.  

When enabled, this function activates this output a variable number seconds before the activation of any other misting valve.  This is useful for ensuring an irrigation or well pump has fully pressurized the lines when higher pressures are required by certain misting nozzles.  The manuals for each may be found here. See this selection from the manual for more information:

For example, the Dramm JetFog nozzles require between 50-70 psi to operate properly.  Most well pumps have a 40-60 psi pressure switch, meaning they turn on at 40 psi and off at 60 psi.  It is possible that the pump pressure would be too low for the JetFogs to run properly in this case.

By utilizing the pump pre-set option in this situation, the pump could be activated via a relay before any misting cycle runs, ensuring the pressure is above 50 psi when the mist starts.

Instructions on wiring the MistTime and pump are included below:


Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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