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In the greenhouse and livestock industries, there are a number of live products that are applied for insect and disease control.

Products like Botanigard (beauvarria bassiana) and Cease (bacillus subtilus) are living organisms that attack or parasitize their target.

Because they are alive, products like this cannot be applied through a STANDARD PulsFOG.  The heat byproduct of the pulse jet engine causes temperatures at the chemical injection point to be too hot, causing a portion of the population in the spray solution to become inactive.

However, products like this can be applied in the BIO PulsFOG.  Unlike the standard PulsFOG, the BIO PulsFOGs have a second solution tank and a separate set of injection nozzles.  This second tank feeds these nozzles, which are closer to the combustion chamber in the PulsFOG.  When using biorational, living products, this second tank is filled with plain water.  When running, this water serves to cool the exhaust before the chemical injection point.  

Most biorational products in the North American market have been tested with this method and approved.  As new products appear on the market, these will be tested as well.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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