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In the greenhouse and livestock industries, there are a number of live products that are applied for insect and disease control.

Products like Botanigard (beauvarria bassiana) and Cease (bacillus subtilus) are living organisms that attack or parasitize their target.

Products like this work well in the Autofog.  They are not damaged by this machine and the coverage is thorough, which is necessary for products like this.

With any thick product, you may benefit from adding extra water to the tank.  As the person mixing the chemical solution, your judgement is best. If it seems too thick, add water to make the solution more dilute. 

Make sure to adjust your output time accordingly.  The MLVH and SLVH both output 1 liter in 30 minutes.  The LVH and DLVH output 1 liter in 20 minutes.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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