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Anyone out there have any tricks to fix a wand that does not shut off?  The wand has maybe three months of use.

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Ditto, my wife spent big $ buying a "good" watering wand, lasted 5 months and now won't turn off fully, does not seem to have any serviceable parts.
Kurt Becker

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble.  Depending on the product you have, it may be as simple as us replacing the shut off.  If the shut-off is a trigger style, which is completely integrated into the wand, we will happily replace the entire piece.

Typically, our shut-offs are rated to very high cycles.  See our videos on how we test this here.  Sometimes, water quality will have an effect.  Especially on our trigger-style valve.  Unlike our other valves, this valve uses a slide mechanism.  Often, water deposits will settle on an internal o-ring, eventually causing it to pull free and prevent the valve from closing completely.

If this is the case in your situation, you might wish to try our OneTouch valve and wand assembly.  This is an easy to use, one-handed operation, but it is still a 1/4 turn valve that is relatively free of the issues mentioned above.

Please email me off forum with your contact information so I can send a replacement.  Email me at

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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