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Andrew Damm

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The poly tubing used is supposed to be a tight fit when snapping into the channel, it is very important that this tubing is installed as explained in the supplied installation guide. (If you did not receive an installation guide with your PolyRail system please contact us to have 1 sent to you)

When the polyethylene tubing is extruded we have a text printed on the topside of the tube to identify a straight line, when cooled down and put in their coils we know that the poly tube will naturally start to twist.

When using it in the PolyRail extrusion it is best to layout your lines and let the poly naturally warm up and relax so it can go to its natural state. This will make the assembly much easier. When assembling into channel we want to be able to read this printed text the whole length of the line. This might take some twisting of the poly but by doing this we are re-straightening the poly before it is snapped into channel. 

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