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Several customers have asked if it is possible to use food-grade oil to lubricate the crankcase on the Hydra pump. 

Generally, the concern leading to this question stems from a fear of petroleum based oils leaking past the seals on the piston and into the spray solution, causing contamination and possible damage to crops. 

The style of pump used on the Hydra makes this very unlikely. As the pistons are under pressure and the crankcase is not, a seal failure normally results in spray solution entering the crankcase and not the reverse. Some types of pumps, such as diaphragm and roller pumps may see this issue, but it is not common with piston pumps.

However, if a concern still exists, it is possible to replace the SAE 30W oil in the crankcase with food grade white oil with similar grade and viscosity.

CRC 04228 is a suitable replacement in such cases. 

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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