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With the ability to fog biorational pesticides and oxidizers with the PulsFOG, many organic growers are asking about using the machine for organic production. While the machine will work fine, the questions center on the carrier solutions required to produce an optimal fog.

No Dramm carrier solutions, NutriFOG, VK-I or VK-II are approved for organic production and would not be eligible to be approved.

Recently, Dramm tested an organic surfactant called Foliar Friend for its use as a carrier. This natural, OMRI certified product is made from saponin, a natural glycoside that exhibits some of the specific characteristics we require in a fog enhancer.

While this product was not optimized for fogging, we did find that it worked well enough to be considered as an option for those wanting to fog organic crops with the PulsFOG. 

You can read our recommendations in the enclosed document.

pdf Foliar Friend in PulsFOG.pdf     

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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