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Kurt Becker

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After cleaning your greenhouse between crops, applying a disinfectant as a fog is a great way to help eliminate pathogens that might remain.

A common practice in livestock barns and vegetable greenhouses, fogging various disinfectants, often mixed with insecticides, after the animals or plants have been removed and the facility has been cleaned, can help eradicate any left over pathogens and insects.

Depending on the disinfectant used, some might be corrosive.  If so, make sure that your fogger is capable of applying corrosive materials.

Dramm now offers a stainless steel nozzle for the Autofog that can replace the existing, brass nozzle.

All PulsFOG machines going forward use corrosion resistant parts, however, older units, even ones sold in 2014, have some components that will corrode over time.  Corrosive duty components are available as replacement parts for all PulsFOG machines.

Contact our parts department at the number to the left with questions.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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I am interested in purchasing the dramm mini fogger for my legal medical cannabis here in Canada.

I was curious as how the system works with hps lights and ballast etc.

If anyone has any Information or can point me in the right direction I would like to purchase this mini fogger ASAP.

Thank you
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