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Kurt Becker

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Customers frequently ask if the DrammPress Hose Crimper can be used with hoses other than the Colorstorm hose.

The Dramm Hose Press was made specifically for Dramm Colorstorm Hose.  Our hose has the same inner diameter as other hoses, but the outer diameter may differ.  The fittings will work, but the ferrules and press may not.  
The ferrule compresses around the hose to squeeze the hose wall against the barbed insert fitting, making a tight fit.  Other hoses may have a thicker or thinner wall which will alter the fit.
Some customers have reported that certain hoses work well with the DrammPress, however, we have not tested this for burst pressure and reliability as we have with the Colorstorm hose.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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