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David C. Streicher

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Dear Dramm,

I purchased a Dramm Revolver spray nozzle several months ago and it no longer works.  It will not shut off when not in use, and the outflow water pressure is only about half of what it should be.

Does Dramm provide a replacement in instances when the product is defective?  I hope so.  Attached is a picture of the defective nozzle.

Dave SAM_0647.JPG 

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I have the same one.  Pressure is fine, but it doesn't shut off when the gripper handle is released.  It slows down but a goodly stream still comes out of the center.

Is there a tweak or adjustment?  I've messed with the screw end but the handle appears to be fully seated in the off position.
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Hi Dave
Some times there is some mineral build up or grit on the shaft that has the adjustable nut on the end.  It has been known that a drop of mineral or vegetable oil may loosen up the shaft.  The picture show the nut adjusted as far as it can go allowing maximum flow through the revolver. Turn the nut to the top of the threads when lubricating or flushing.  Flushing a bit of CLR could also resolve the problem.

Most often this problem is caused by the same issues experienced with a bathroom shower head. (little holes plugging up) 

Dramm does have a very good replacement policy for defects.


Dramm Corporation 
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It would sure be nice if Dramm would send me a replacement.

I just sprayed WD-40 on the shaft, which did not help.  The nozzle will not shut off, and about half of the water drips to the ground rather than going through the desired spout (i.e., jet, cone, shower, etc.). 

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Good morning Dave,

Thank you for contacting the Dramm customer service department. First, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconveniences the malfunctioning Revolver may have caused you. Dramm offers a lifetime warranty on our retail products against material defects and workmanship with average usage in a non commercial setting. We have a newly designed option available and would be glad to send you a Revolution, please see attached picture. Please respond with your shipping address and the preference of the replacement tool to Thank you for being a valued Dramm customer, wishing you a wonderful day!
Best regards,
Colinda Behnke
Dramm Corporation
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I am on this website for the same reason I purchased the same nozzle at my local building center and believed I was buying a quality made nozzle. It lasted only one season, I have the same issues as everyone else, it sprays everywhere buy straight. I didn't bother returning it since it was from last season and I had no receipt. I had never spent so much on a nozzle before buying a Dramm. I bought Home Depots home brand for 5 bucks and it works fantastic. I shipped the Dramm nozzle to them, it is of no use to me, and haven't heard back. I guessing by reading this they get a lot of returns. I was truly disappointed in the overall performance of the Dramm nozzle. Sadly just because it's one of the more expensive, it doesn't always equate to being better.
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I had a similar problem with a six month old revolver nozzle. When the handle was released, the valve took its time shutting off or did not shut off. Silicone grease on the brass shaft seems to solve the problem. (I don't think I would use WD-40 on parts that probably mate with rubber seals.)
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