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Jared Babik

Dramm Staff
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The PulsFOG is a great way to apply chemicals when conditions exists where high volumes of water are not desired or your short on time.  With all the extra time you'll have make sure to clean your machine.   After it has cooled perform the following two tasks

   *  Using our PFC-1G cleaning solution and extra solution tank and pressurizing ball/tube…elevate the back of the machine, connect the solution line to the tank and open the solution valve.  Pressurize the tank until solution is flowing out of the nozzle canes.  A video of this can be viewed here.  Do not dilute the cleaning solution. 
  *  Using the wire brush provided with the unit place the PulsFOG against a wall.   Push the wire brush all the way to the back of the machine.  It should be difficult to push the wire brush through.  One time will work.   If the wire brush becomes easy to push through the pipe, it's time for a new brush.   We will have a video of this up soon.

As a reminder, before you put your machine away for the season…Empty the gas tank!

Kurt Becker

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Dramm Staff
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Cleaning your PulsFOG is very important.  Brushing the barrel is simple and should be done after each application.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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