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Jared Babik

Dramm Staff
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Everyone who owns a PulsFog has experienced flooding the machine at some point.  Normally we simply think it's flooded and we need to let the carburetor dry out.  I recently visited a grower who just purchased a brand new K-22.  We put the batteries in, filled the gas tank and tried to get it started.. No go...Normally a brand new machine fires right up.  We new the gas was good, we heard the ticking of the spark plug when we depressed the ball but still nothing.  Finally we pulled the plug out to make sure we had a good spark. I kept the spark plug wire attached and laid the plug on the barrel and depressed the ball.  That was it!  For some reason the new batteries that came with the unit were bad.  They had enough power to send a bit of juice to the spark plug but not enough to ignite the gas.  I had extra batteries with me.  We put those in and tested the spark and noticed a huge difference.  Of course, after we threaded the plug back in the unit fired up on the first push. 

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