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The CD-2 uses a sensitive flow meter to measure each solution dose accurately.  A 200 mesh filter protects this meter.  However, it is possible for this meter to become clogged.

If the meter's gears clog, the meter will stop measuring.  If this occurs during a dose, the flow may continue as the meter never measures the desired amount, causing the solenoid to remain open.  This may also prevent the solenoid from opening as the flow will not begin.

First, turn off the unit with the main power switch.

Next, open the cover of the unit by removing the 4 screws on the sides of the unit.

Locate the flow meter.  This is a plastic box at the base of the unit with four screws.  Remove the screws carefully, exposing two oval gears on posts.  The gears spin with the passing solution flow.  Each revolution of the gears is measured by magnets in the lower oval gear.  

Remove the gears from the posts and clean them of any debris.  Replace them carefully, ensuring that the gear with the exposed magnets on the underside is on the lower post.  The gears must work together.  If replaced incorrectly, the gears will spin independently.  

Reseat the o-ring in its groove if necessary.

Replace the cover of the meter and fasten with the screws.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN as this may strip the threads, ruining the casing and requiring replacement.

Replace the cover to the unit.

The Chemdose should be ready for use.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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