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Jared Babik

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The following is a simple way to calculate the amount of solution needed to fog a given area such as a greenhouse.  The Dramm PulsFOG disperses a given amount of solution over time based on the engine size.  Here is a list  of the output rates

K-10        10L/45 minutes       One tank will fill 50,000 sqft
K-22        10L/30 minutes       One tank will fill 50,000 sqft
K-30        10L/15 minutes       One tank will fill 50,000 sqft
K-30/20   55L/80 minutes       One tank will fill 210,000 sqft

This is a general output rate.  A machine may run faster then this.  Also, the amount of plant material in the house may affect the time needed to disperse    the proper amount of chemical. 

  Here is an example to find out how fast your machine runs.

Let's take the K-22

The machine has a 10L tank and will fill 50,000 sqft

50,000/10L equals 5000 sqft per 1L of solution.  

Put a minimum of 3L of water in your tank and see how long it takes for 1L     of water to run through the machine.  

My machine takes 2 minutes to run 1L of water,  That means I can fog 5000 sqft in 2 minutes.  I can empty the tank in 20 minutes. This is a general rate. 

NOTE:  Adding chemical to the tank may change the thickness of the solution and change the time needed to run the solution through the machine.  Make   sure to check how fast chemical solutions are running through your machine.  

Remember, we are not just fogging on time but putting the proper amount of solution in the greenhouse. 

 Also, as we move into the spring months and the plants in your greenhouse become bigger remember to add a little more time when fogging to account for the new growth.


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