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Our company has an AutoFog that we haven't used in ~2 yrs as it was felt it wasn't providing effective pest control in our greenhouses.

I started here about the time they discontinued use of it, so have not tried it myself. However, 10+ years ago, as a grower in a retail greenhouse, I used your Dramm ColdFogger, which seemed to do a great job and was easy to use.

We are currently considering whether we need to buy a ColdFogger for this company, but I'm not sure if that would be overkill?

We are an alfalfa breeding company, with 3 greenhouses approx. 1250 sq ft each. Plants are grown in 1 gallon or 4" pots  or flats. Our biggest pest problem are thrips.

From what I've read about the AutoFog, it should be perfect for our situation - though I imagine we need to buy a maintenance kit to replace o-rings, tubes, etc.

Can you give me some advice on which route we should persue?

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Hi Steve
There are many factors to consider.  Where are you located?
Best is to give me a call.

Louis Damm
Dramm Corporation
Fenwick, Ontario

905 892 5644
cell 905 328 8622
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