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I have been quite disappointed in the quality of construction on the #300 brass valve recently. I had a brand new one today that lasted less than 4 hours before the innards spilled out somewhere between the greenhouse and my office.  Sad!

Corey Hill
Skagit Horticulture
Kurt Becker

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Dramm Staff
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Hello Corey,

Thanks for your post. The #300 Shut Off has not changed in a number of years.  I suspect what has happened is actually the result of an intentional feature, not a defect.

We build our brass shut-off to be easily rebuildable so that growers can replace parts rather than replace the whole valve as components wear. The innards of the valve are held in place by the washer. This should keep the nylon seal secure as it is generally a tight fit.  After some compression, will will begin to flatten out and loosen up. I suspect that the washer was either missing or loose and this allowed the seal to fall out. 

To replace the ball, you would remove the washer and turn the handle to the off position and the ball will slide out as well.

We can get you replacement parts for the components that are missing. 

We will reach out offline to handle this.

Kurt Becker
Dramm Corporation
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